Session Handouts

Session Handouts

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Session A

A1: How to strengthen a child/youth’s resilience

A2: Medical Cannabis: Beginning the conversation… (Part I)

A3: Advocating for Infants’ Unique Needs While in Foster Care

A4: Helping Create Positive Change with Motivational Interviewing

A5: Attachment and the Caregiver

A6: How CASAs and Children’s Attorneys can work together to expedite permanency

Session B

B7: Stories from our Veteran Parents

B8: Promising Practices for Preventing Youth Homelessness: What Can CASA’s Do?

B9: Medical Cannabis: Continuing the conversation…(Part II)

B11: The Spirit behind ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act)

B12: Changes in the Law: Child Welfare Legislative and Case Law Update

B13: Infant Brain Development

Session C

C14: Cultural Responsiveness

C15: Personal Safety

C16: Sexual Behaviors in Children: When is it Cause for Concern and What Should You Do?

C17: Attorney Roundtable (Attorneys only, please!)

C18: Standing Together: Finding a permanent ally to help support youth aging out of care

C19: Effects of trauma and toxic stress on infant brain development

C20: When your CASA youth is undocumented…Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Session D

D21: Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Youth: What to look for

D22: Termination Mock Trial: Don’t be afraid of testifying

D23: Advocacy for Medically Fragile Kids

D24: A View from the Bench

D25: Working with the Juvenile Offender Side

D26: Courtesy CASA Protocol (CASA staff only, please)

Session E

E27: Rebuilding our CASA Legislative advocacy program

E28: The Culture of Foster Care

E29: Living with Fear and Abuse: Domestic Violence and how it impacts parents, children and the role of CASA (Part I)

E30: Tips for Testifying in Court: Simple and Effective Testimony for Just Results

E31: Basic Education Advocacy

E32: From Adderall to Risperdal (et al.)

Session F

F33: How Can FCAP Move My Case Towards Permanency?

F34: Education Advocacy: Coaching tips for working with Foster Parents and Bio Parents

F35: What Do Parents Attorneys Have to Do With the Best Interest of Children?

F36: Living with Fear and Abuse: Domestic Violence and how it impacts parents, children and the role of CASA (Part II)

F37: Mockingbird Society Youth Inspired Legislative Priories

F38: Partners for Our Children NEW Data Portal