2nd Annual Shoe Drive

Washington State CASA
2nd Annual Shoe Drive for Foster Kids!

We’re collecting shoes NOW through February 1st, 2019!

On any given day, there are over 10,000 children involved in our state’s child welfare system.
In order to bring awareness to these children, Washington State CASA, along with our network of 36 local CASA programs, are conducting our second annual shoe drive campaign. Our goal is to provide a NEW pair of shoes for each of the 10,000 children in Washington State’s foster care system.
We’ll be collecting shoes through February 1st, 2019, and then displaying all we’ve collected at an installation on the Capitol steps in Olympia as part of our CASA Advocacy Day to raise awareness of children and youth in foster care in our state. Shoes will then be distributed to our local programs to be distributed to kids in care throughout the state.

Here’s how you can help:

1.  Purchase a NEW pair of shoes.  All sizes and types are needed.  Our volunteers advocate for children from birth to 18…so as you can imagine, any and all types, sizes, boys, girls, women and men’s shoes are all needed.

1a.  Have a group (office pool, church group, book club, service group) who’s interested in a collective effort?  Click here for our Shoe Drive Marketing material for your group! 

2a.  Purchasing on-line?  We’ve setup a page with the numbers and categories of shoes needed through Amazon that can be found here:

Shoes needed and categories

2b. Purchasing Locally? By a pair of NEW shoes locally, and then drop them off at your local CASA office! (New shoes only, please!) Or bring them with you to our CASA Advocacy Day on February 15th at the Capitol in Olympia!

3.  Let us know what you’ve donated!  Come back to this page and click here to fill out our shoe donation form.  As our drive progresses, we’ll no doubt be sending out specific need requests for types and sizes of shoes based on what we’ve already received.  We need you to let us know what you’ve contributed so that we can keep track statewide.  It also allows us to send you a thank you note and tax info for your donation.

4.  Can’t I just send money instead?  Of course!  We’ll use any donations received through this campaign to offset our costs for this drive; any remaining funds will be used to support our program services funding to ensure that every child receives high quality CASA volunteer advocacy.

Click here to donate directly to Washington State CASA!