ICWA Training Certification

Aids in the establishment and development of an “ICWA” certification for non-tribal (and tribal?) program for CASA volunteers.

Members:  Anne McEvoy, Astrid Aveledo, Buffy Via, Kaycee Looney, Laura Bentle, Lori Irwin, Mark Crawford, Michelle Flamand, Tim Hargraves


A number of CASA programs have expressed interest in improving, centralizing, and standardizing the training of CASA volunteers to better serve Native American children.   A working group with representatives of several CASA programs and WACASA has been meeting to develop a training plan.  This working group recommends the establishment of an ICWA training and certification program for CASA volunteers.  A curriculum is being developed which involves both independent reading and a one-day in-person training.  The training would be open to all interested CASAs and held either the day before or after the annual Washington CASA Conference.
Further the working group envisions some CASAs becoming recognized (certified) as ICWA CASAs by WACASA.  In addition to the training, ICWA CASAs would be recommended by their program office, be assigned an ICWA case, and demonstrate a connection to issues affecting Native American children and families.   There would be ongoing training and development requirements to maintain certification.


The working group plans a beta testing of the training in May 2017 and to offer the first open training session at the 2017 Washington CASA Conference.