The CASA Outcomes workgroup held its first meeting on Nov 29th.  At this meeting, the group decided to hold a series of weekly meetings to review and customize the Colorado survey instrument to better reflect our terminology and data points we’re looking to collect from our CASA volunteers.  Our current plan is to begin a pilot project in 3-4 counties starting at the beginning of the year and incorporate any suggestions for change on the survey, then expand to more programs in 3-4 months; and report preliminary findings at the Spring PMM.  Our goal is to have the data outcomes project go live for the whole state by 2018.

Committee Members:
Ashley Bryan, Corie Dow, Cynthia Whipple, Janice Bridges, Julie Lowery, Lisa Petersen, Michelle Flamand, Laurie Tuff, Pat Donahue, Scott Stevens, Sheila Davidson, Sue Baker, Val MacIntyre, Val Brooks