Volunteer Core Training Revamp/Title 13 GAL training requirements

As the new core curriculum becomes available from National CASA, helps in rolling out/designing new “Train the Trainer” for other volunteer coordinators/program managers.  Reviews current Title 13 scope and sequence training requirements for new volunteers.

Members:  Angela Cothern, Brigette Juras, Heather Mason, Janeal Woodruff, Keith Gilbertson, Kristi Kuntz, Laurie Tuff, Tracey Czar
Our team has been meeting to take the training temperature of the different CASA programs throughout Washington. Due to the varied budgets and staffing from county to county, training implementation can look very different between program, even though we all share a common curriculum.  We plan to explore these differences, ascertain what works well and what could use improvement to shape and mold an improved “Train the Trainer” experience for CASA program staff that additionally reduces our reliance on National CASA to provide such training.

With the new volunteer training curriculum to be released from National CASA (projected March, 2017) our goal is to have a “Train the trainer” framework in place ahead of time in a way that strives to meet each county’s unique needs while maintaining a consistent training experience for volunteers statewide.  All new and current staff who train CASA volunteers will be encouraged to attend what is currently anticipated to be a 2-3 day training.