2017 Conference Featured Keynote

“Cultural Competence: Addressing Race Relations in the 21st Century “
Dr. Caprice Hollins

America has always been a country full of diverse people and cultures. Historically our approach has been to assimilate into dominant cultures values, norms and customs. Today we are learning to honor our diversity. But cultivating these skills isn’t easy. We must unpack the ways we’ve been socialized to think about differences, engage in courageous conversations and develop new ways of being. Dr. Hollins will provide a common framework and understanding of what is meant by cultural competence and the work we need to do to grow in our ability to effectively engage across cultures and dismantle institutional racism. By working together to develop our cultural competence individually and institutionally we can each take part in shaping our world into one where everyone benefits through inclusivity and the honoring of differences. America is changing.  Are you ready and willing to be a part of shaping that change?

Sunday Plenary

The new Department of Children, Youth and Families
Sec. Ross Hunter


Ross Hunter was announced as the new Secretary of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families by Governor Jay Inslee on July 6, 2017, and his official appointment begins August 1, 2017. Prior to that, Ross served as the Director of the Department of Early learning since September 2015.

Ross’ focus is on improving outcomes for all children, and especially on eliminating race and family income as predictors of progress and success for young learners. He is passionate about investing upstream in proven prevention strategies, using strong data and outcomes analysis to administer these programs, and supporting a strong workforce of caregivers and professionals to deliver the services that ensure fewer children experience trauma and more families can build resilience and succeed together.

Join us Sunday morning for an overview of the current goings-on at CA and a question and answer session about the direction of the new agency and what it means for children, youth and families in Washington Stae.