2018 Conference Featured Keynotes

Friday Opening Plenary
Jake Dekker, Author
“One Kid at a Time”


One Kid at a Time: A single dad, a boy in foster care, and an adoption.

Jake Dekker, author Successful businessman, lecturer and author Jake Dekker’s perspectives on family relationships and the true meaning of success inspire people around the globe. His critically acclaimed story of his 10-year-old son’s adoption from foster care, “One Kid at a Time, received near universal praise from social workers, teachers and parents. Jake and his writing have been featured in many local and national news outlets and he regularly advocates for child welfare and foster care reform. Washington State CASA is pleased to have Jake once again share his story as an adoptive parent in the dependency system.

For more information about Jake’s books and his previous appearances, please visit www.jakedekker.com

Saturday Morning Plenary

Three Perspectives of the Dependency System

Saturday morning’s plenary will feature three speakers each with their own perspective of how the dependency system impacted them and their families — both during the process and now.  Shrounda Selivanoff will share a parent’s perspective; Pooka Tucker will share a youth’s perspective and Peggy Carlson will share her experience as a foster parent who successfully nurtured a reunification home.